The Lost Valley was so inaccessible that visitors were often given a dog to safeguard them on their journey. These dogs were never sold, as the families did not want to tempt fate by selling their "luck."

History Tibetan Terriers

The Tibetan Terrier is not a terrier at all, but is another legend-steeped Asian breed which has come down to us from ancient times. Believed to have bred by Tibetan monks, and jealously guarded in the holy city of Lhasa, the Tibetan Terrier was treasured as a symbol of good luck. The Tibetan Terrier is a well-muscled, medium-sized dog and in general appearance not unlike an Old English Sheep dog in miniature. An excellent little pet, this dog is easy to train. It has a loving disposition and is active and playful, but takes its time accepting strangers. Its rather loud bark makes it a good watch-dog. It does not require much exercise, though it thoroughly enjoys a romp, particular in the country. Its undercoat usually sheds once each year and its outer coat every three years.

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General Appearance: a medium sized dog with a bushy coat.
Height: 14 to 16 inches at the shoulder, bitches slightly less.
Head: well furnished with long hair. Skull neither doomed nor flat, narrowing somewhat towards the eyes. Marked stop. Jaws forming a clean curve. Slight beard. Black nose.
Eyes: large dark, rather wide apart. Rims black.
Ears: pendant, V-shaped, medium sized, feathered.
Body: sturdy, well ribbed. Slightly arched loin.
Tail: medium length, set rather high, well feathered, curled on the back, often with a kink in the tip.
Forequarters: straight, well-muscled.
Hindquarters: well muscled, hocks set low.
Feet: big, round, well garnished with hair.
Coat: abundant, fine long hair, neither silky nor woolly, straight or wavy. Undercoat of a fine wool.
Colour: golden, white, cream, grey, soot, black parti-coloured and tricoloured. All colours are acceptable except chocolate or liver.
Faults: overshot or undershot bite. Weak pointed muzzle.

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